Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time is Running Out!

We will close the bidding on our football tickets on Saturday, August 20, so hurry and place your bids!  I'm not sure if you have been watching Sports Center in the evenings like we have, but they have a "special" on all week about the OU Football in case you already didn't know, they are kind of a BIG DEAL!  Another little tidbit:  They are RANKED #1 IN THE COUNTRY!  Who wouldn't want Season Tickets this year?!?  I mean, Chad offering to sell our tickets during this year is amazing to me, and it should be to any of you out there that know him even the slightest bit!  Here are a few ways you could purchase the tickets:

1. You can purchase both tickets for all 6 homes games for $1000!
2.  You (+1) can go in with another family/friend and attend 3 games a piece for $500 each!
3.  You (+1) can go in with 2 families and attend 2 games a piece for around $334 each!
4.  You (+1) can go in with 5 families and attend 1 game a piece for around $167 each!

Please continue to spread the word to family, friends, and anyone & everyone who might be interested--We would love to be able to put $1000 into our Adoption Fund!!!

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