Friday, February 10, 2012


I cannot believe our baby is 4.  What an amazingly wonderful blessing he is.  We started out the morning by stopping by Daylight Donuts to order a sprinkled donut and some milk for breakfast.  After that, C celebrated his birthday at school by sharing birthday cookies with his friends, being sung to, and receiving a book from "Ralph the Dog." 

 Chad was able to take off a little early from work and go with me to pick up C from school.  We then went and bowled two games and had so much fun!  After that, at C's request, we had Chick-fil-a for dinner, went home to open presents, and shared a gigantic piece of birthday cake.  Here are a few pictures....and more to come after we celebrate this weekend with family and friends.

The colors red & blue
Puzzles!  Huge 100 pieces.  Pure craziness.
Playing games, especially Trouble, Sorry, & Yahtzee
Chocolate Donuts
Cars, trucks, emergency vehicles, tractors, and anything you can think of with wheels.
Being Mommy's Scentsy Buddy
ANY Mighty Machine video, along with Word World, Sid the Science Kid, Dinosaur Train, & Super Why
Strawberry breakfast bars from Wal-Mart (all the other ones are "yucky.")
Being a helper
Wait for it.....wait for it....YOGURT DRINKS!
Hidden Picture Books
Being Tickled AND tickling
 T-Ball (but the season hasn't started, yet....)
Trips to the Zoo
Playing outside (riding his vehicles, bike, and playing in sand table)
Playing on his Leapster Explorer
Figuring out letter sounds
Stuffed Animals
And you'll never guess.....MOMMY'S HAIR!

A few random facts:
Despises the colors pink & purple.  Refuses to wear them.
Has an excellent memory...almost eery what this kid remembers.
So funny--he gets this from his Daddy
Such a sweet sweet son with the biggest heart ever
Very observant 
I know I'll get in trouble for this someday, but he loves talking about poop.  Yes, poop.  Finds it HILARIOUS.
No longer says "t" sound for "k" no more, "tittle" "tat" or "pop sittles"
No longer says, "d" sound for "g" more "dods" "dood" or doldfish"
Does say "sh" for "ch" so we have "Shalin" "Shad" and "Shurch" for a little longer
Enjoys eating "beef turkey"
Has inherited the inability to choose what we eat for dinner and now beats us to saying, "I'm not picking what we eat, I CALLED IT!"  Yes, Chad and I do this, and now C has joined us.  We forget we're not in elementary school.