Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mamas, don't let your babies...

....grow up to be COWBOYS. Chalin got these cowboy boots from Grandpa John and Mamaw for Christmas. They were actually Chalin's Uncle Corey's first cowboy boots, and he LOVES them. He likes to wear them all throughout the day, but most of the pictures I take are of him in his pajamas because they make me laugh--although, now I think there is a new picture that makes me laugh the most....and it in turn, will most likely get me in trouble one of these days....

"These boots go great with my pjs!"

"I can even put them on all by myself!"

Mommy: "Chalin! WHAT are you doing?!"

And this is the response I got.

"Hmmmm, now that I have my boots on, what should I have for breakfast?"

"These boots just make me happy!"

Party Under Construction!

We celebrated Chalin's 2nd birthday a day early this year on February 6. As you probably know by now, Chalin LOVES trucks and vehicles of ANY kind, so we decided to throw him a construction themed birthday party. I started looking up ideas probably back in December to plan this party, and I ran across some great ideas, most of them coming from a girl I now follow on my blog, "Blue Eyed Blessings." She is so creative, and I'm very glad I found her blog! Chalin, unfortunately was cutting his 2 year molars during his party, so he stayed attached to my hip the entire party; however, I think he still had a good time. He woke up the following morning saying with a smile, "Cha Cha birthday party?" and then going on to tell me who all was at his birthday party. I think his little friends had a good time, too.

"Happy Birthday Chalin!"

The Invitations
The Birthday Boy

Since we had Chalin's party in our Church gym, we had lots of great space. We used 1/2 the gym to set up tables for eating and the other 1/2 we used to set up 4 different "centers" to keep the little ones busy and having fun. The first picture is one of Chalin's b-day presents, the sand table, or the "Digging Site," which included all different kinds of scoops and trucks.

This rug was another one of Chalin's birthday presents. We put baskets of cars next to it and the children were able to drive the cars on the street. We called this the "Traffic Site."

The 3rd center was called the "Creative Site," in which we put out crayons and colored pencils, along with plain paper and stencils (different vehicles). As you can see, it was a real hit with the girls at the party! The 4th center was the "Building Site" which included a Mega Blocks table and Mega Blocks to build with.

We had a ton of Chalin's favorite snack foods for everyone to eat, including: strawberries, black berries, pinapples, green apples, fruit dip, vegetable tray, green and black olives, goldfish crackers, club crackers with cheese, pretzels, etc! Drinks (fruit juice pouches for the kiddos and pop & water for adults) were off to the side of the table in a wheel barrel with ice.

Singing "Happy Birthday to You" made Chalin a little embarrassed.

Chalin had 2 birthday cakes. Here is his first one that we put his number 2 candle in.

And here is the 2nd cake....A YUMMY dirt cake that I made in the back of yet another one of Chalin's presents, a huge dump truck. From the remains of it, everyone at the party loved it, too, because it was scraped dry!

Cake and party favors
A close up of the party favors, which were actually a tool belt with TONS of things: blow up hammer, stickers, coloring book (trucks for boys, princess for girls), tool filled with candy, truck fruit snacks, truck pencil, a truck, etc. Also, when the children arrived, they were given a construction hat with their name on it (I printed their name on a label and placed it on the hat). Thank you, Patty, for putting these together!

The gift table--Chalin got so many great gifts!

A few pictures of Chalin opening gifts. Also, I found this adorable shirt on Etsy. It was a dump truck with the number 2 on it and his name just below the truck.

Whether it was giving me ideas, helping set up, buying the materials, taking pictures, helping clean up, purchasing a gift, or just blessing us with your presence, THANK YOU!! You helped make Chalin's 2nd birthday party a success, and we are very thankful to have you in our lives. Love you all.