Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chalin's Summer Favorites

Here are just a few of Chalin's favorite things to do this summer.

1. Stickers! Notice all the stickers on his shirt?

2. The Pool--whether it is being thrown in the air, jumping off the diving board, or just plain swimming...he loves it all!

3. Popsicles--need any other explanation?

4. Playing in the sand!

5. Pretend Play--dressing up as a firefighter, construction worker, cowboy, or better yet, all 3 at the same time!

6. Being tickled...especially by Daddy!
7. Park--firetruck, swings, slides, and anything else at the park!

8. T-ball--hitting, running the bases, throwing and catching the ball with all of his new t-ball stuff! Can you even imagine how happy Chad is?!

What are your sweet kiddos enjoying this summer?

1 comment:

  1. He is so cute! Glad I got to see you this wkd friend. Love ya, and come visit Tulsa soon!!! PS - my blog is now girlygundy.blogspot.com I changed the url... :)