Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Festivities

Chalin's Easter festivities began on Thursday this year at MDO. He had an Easter egg hunt with his friends at school, in which I was lucky enough to attend. Those little 2-year-olds were so cute and funny to watch hunt eggs. There were the ones that seemed to be thinking, "You want me to walk all over this field, pick up those plastic things, and put them in my basket? WHY?" Then, there were the ones that were running around picking up eggs like their life depended on it and seemed to be thinking, "A limit of 10 eggs? Pfffftt!" AND then there were a few like Chalin. Those who took their time, walked over to a plastic egg, opened it, attempted to eat the candy, and tossed the plastic egg behind them. "Who needs those plastic eggs? Just give me the candy NOW. My teachers, Mommy, and Daddy might not let me eat it if I wait!"

Next, we celebrated Easter on Friday afternoon with our Nana at her place, where we were able to visit and eat some yummy chocolate cake.

After that we enjoyed at nice Easter Lunch that Grandma DD cooked with her, Papa, Mama Dolly, Justin, and Uncle Lonnie on Saturday.

On Sunday, we attended a wonderful church service and an Easter egg hunt was planned for the kiddos afterward. Chalin stuck to his same plan of hunting eggs, except he was a little faster this time. Chad chased after him, picking up all the plastic, while I was able to snap a few pictures.

After Church, we were able to visit my Mema and wish her a Happy Easter before heading out to my Dad's, known to Chalin as Grandpa John. Chalin had a BLAST. He was able to see tons of his family that he usually only gets to see once or twice a year. He had so much fun with his cousins, riding their battery operated 4-wheelers and cars. After we ate, all the children hunted eggs, and once again, Chalin stuck to his candy eating, plastic egg tossing plan. However, this time, real eggs were involved. He wasn't sure what to think about these: "This is heavier, it makes no sound when I shake it, BUT it is covered in stickers, which I like, so I'll put it in my basket and check it out later..." He also found an egg with some coins in it, and when he opened it, he said loudly with a big smile, "MONEY!" We all had a wonderful Easter and are so blessed to have such an amazing BIG family to spend it with. Thank you, Lora, for taking and sharing pictures!

Easter Outfit

Haddee & Chalin

"This Way!"

Nana & Chalin

Yummy Cake

Church Easter Hunt

Mommy & Chalin watching the cows and pig

Chalin & Raegan

Chalin & Christian

Chalin driving by himself!

"Look what I found!"

"Let's see what's in here..."

"Found one!"

Hunting with Mommy & Daddy

Happy Easter!

A very VERY sleepy, dirty boy after a busy FUN day of Easter festivities.

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