Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mamas, don't let your babies...

....grow up to be COWBOYS. Chalin got these cowboy boots from Grandpa John and Mamaw for Christmas. They were actually Chalin's Uncle Corey's first cowboy boots, and he LOVES them. He likes to wear them all throughout the day, but most of the pictures I take are of him in his pajamas because they make me laugh--although, now I think there is a new picture that makes me laugh the most....and it in turn, will most likely get me in trouble one of these days....

"These boots go great with my pjs!"

"I can even put them on all by myself!"

Mommy: "Chalin! WHAT are you doing?!"

And this is the response I got.

"Hmmmm, now that I have my boots on, what should I have for breakfast?"

"These boots just make me happy!"

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