Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet Sleeping Boys

Good night sweet prince

Another day is done

You laughed and you played

Now sleep little one

You need your rest
The morning draws near
Close your eyes baby boy
You have nothing to fear

Good night my son
Have the sweetest of dreams
There's no telling what pleasures
Tomorrow will bring

Sleep peaceful and sound
for when you awake
The sun will be up
A new day for the take

The time to play is done
The days gone quickly by
Go to sleep now little one
Close your precious eyes

Let the twinkling stars
Shine brightly in your dreams
Hear the quiet lullabies
The moonbeams like to sing

Angels keep close watch
As you sleep throughout the night
There to comfort and protect you
Until the new days light

Sleep in peaceful slumber
The mornings drawing near
Tomorrow is awaiting
It is almost here

Soon the sun will rise
Another day will dawn
Sleep soundly my dear baby
The night is almost gone

Very soon you'll fill
Another brand new day
With laughter and sweet joy
In your special way

~This poem was written by Crystal Cook. She wrote this poem for her two boys who didn’t care too much for sleep when they were little…just like my sweet baby boy Chalin.~

( I know this post doesn't look perfect, but after deleting and recreating it SEVERAL times, I give up. I have no idea why it looks the way I want it to in my little window but then changes when I click the preview button. If any of you have ANY idea, please let me know, because it will save me a lot of frustration in the future, and I might actually create more posts!)

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