Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I wanted to let all of my beautiful blogger friends know that we have decided to auction off our 2 OU SEASON FOOTBALL tickets and use this money to go towards our adoption. Even if you are not an OU fan, please pass this along to your family and friends that might be interested! This was Chad's idea and decision--can you believe it?!?

The seats are in the upper deck on the home side and are located on approximately the "south" 10 yard line. The bidding will start at $1000--the reason being that the tickets themselves cost over $900, and we have to pay a donor's fee to even get the chance to purchase the tickets...crazy I know...which puts the complete purchase right around $1000. We are trying to get our money back, BUT it would be SUPER nice to even get extra to put towards our adoption fund!

And a personal side note from Chad: "Everyone knows we're going to win the National Championship this year, so just think how nice it would be to have season tickets for a championship season......I'm just sayin'."

I will post another blog once we officially have the tickets in our hands, but PLEASE help us get the word out! Talk to your family and friends--maybe they will even want to go in together with you and split the money and the games with you!

Chad, Chalin, and I are all super excited about this new special addition to our family that God is planning for us! I'm not going to lie though, this waiting stuff is ridiculously hard!!!

Thank you in advance for your love and support!

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