Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cubs T-Ball

The day, at least one of the very top days, that Chad has been waiting for since the day we found out we were being blessed with a baby boy has arrived: Chalin is old enough to play T-BALL! Of course, Chad has signed up to be the Coach, and Travis (who is the husband to a very dear friend of mine) has graciously accepted to help. Chalin and Schafer are going to have so much fun! (At least we all hope!)

Did I mention they are the CUBS? Did anyone have any doubt? They have already had their 1st practice (take a moment to imagine practice with twelve 3 year olds--actually about ten 3 year olds and a couple of 2 year olds....with bats...and baseballs. No, really Chad, Travis, the parents, and the boys did a great job. Very successful practice.) The 2nd practice was cancelled because of rain, and the 1st GAME is scheduled for this coming Monday--however, there is a chance of rain, so we'll see. GOOOOOOOOOOO CUBS!!!

Showing Papa John, Mamaw, and Corey his skills.
(Lora captured this picture.)

Chad had a pair of red cleats when he played t-ball, so guess
what color cleats Chalin needed?

Trying out the new helmet

1st Practice! Seriously, how CUTE is he in that stance?!
(I have to admit, Mommy has been really excited for t-ball, too.)

Trying ALL the catcher gear on

Will there be a catcher in our future? We shall see...

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