Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chalin is 3!

Well, technically Chalin is 3 years, 1 month, 9 days, and some odd hours/minutes/seconds. I have been so extremely busy occupying my time with other things that I have been severely slacking on blogging--sorry--I think I have come to the conclusion that I'm just not the best blogger.

Anyways, Chalin turned 3 on February 7, 2011. Holy Cow. 3 YEARS OLD. What a sweet precious blessing he has been to us over the last 3+ years.

This year, I believe we had 4 parties in all and celebrated Chalin's b-day for about a month straight. I was afraid that he was going to start believing that every weekend was now known as "Chalin's 3rd b-day party!" Luckily, he didn't--although, he very much enjoyed his month long b-day celebration. I wish I could say that my picture taking skills were much much better than my blogger skills, but unfortunately, they are about the same, if not worse. With that said, I have a few pictures from his b-day celebrations, but not much.

Of course, we had a Fire Truck themed b-day party.

Party #1: Unpluggits with friends. What a FUN place!

The snacks

Dalmatian cupcakes made by a friend

Some of Chalin's sweet friends that could attend

"Party" #2: Actual b-day, celebrated at our house
He got to have one present early before MDO on his b-day; he LOVES this author!
He took this book to school and shared it during story time.

"I'm 3 now!" This cute shirt came from Etsy.
My baking skills rate right up there with my blogger and camera skills.
These delicious colorful cakes came from Target.

Party #3: At Mimi & Pops house
Red Candy Bar that Patty created: cake dots, chocolate dipped pretzels,
twizzlers, red hots, Sixlets, cherry slices, and Chalin's favorite...CHEERY BALLS!

Blowing out the #3 candle.
Yummy fruit punch.
Adorable fire truck cake created by same friend who made the cupcakes.

Party #4: My dad, stepmom, and brother Corey came to celebrate.
Lora captured this sweet picture. Her camera skills are MUCH better than mine!

Thank you SO much to all of our family and friends who made Chalin's month long b-day a success!

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