Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Summer...

......AND HAPPY EATING! I love to eat, so of course I'm not going to let the first week of summer go by without writing a post about some of my favorite summery foods right now. Yum, yum, yum!

1. Thomas Bagel Things "Everything": I had these for the first time on Father's Day weekend at my in-laws, and they are great. I'm not even a big bagel eater, but I love these. I just bought some yesterday and have already eaten a sandwich for dinner and for lunch today. I mean, look at the picture below--does that sandwich not look delicious or what?!

2. Simply Lemonade with Raspberry: First of all, if you haven't tried any of the "Simply" products, shame on you! I'm already a big fan of the Simply Lemonade, Limeade, and Apple Juice, but this is my new favorite. It doesn't taste fake or too sweet like most store bought lemonades. It goes great with the sandwich above, too.
3. Dancing Iguana Spicy Guacamole: Chad requested that I buy some guacamole on my next trip to the grocery store. I love guacamole, but I'm a little picky. Some that I have tried are too smooth, not salty or seasoned enough, or just plain gross. Lucky for me (and for Chad), I found some delicious guacamole on my first try! I know that it says "spicy," but it's really not that spicy at all--BUT if you don't like things with a hint of spice to it, this brand also makes a plain guacamole.

4. WarHeads Extreme Sour Popsicles: What kind of list of summery foods would this be without some kind of popsicles? I owe this fabulous find to our Aunt Debbie. She found these at the store and bought some for us. Let's just say all 10 popsicles were gone the next day. I wouldn't say they are "extremely" sour, but they are extremely tasty, especially the black cherry and watermelon flavors. Y-U-M. Oh, and the next time we went to the store, we bought 10 boxes (or I should say Chad thought it necessary to buy 10 boxes). Luckily, they are only a $1 a box.5. Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop (Butter) Mini Bags: Let me begin by saying that I used to eat the "Movie Theater Butter large bags every day pretty much and all by myself. I decided I needed to start trying to be a little healthier, so here is my solution to still being able to eat popcorn a couple of times a week. They still have a little flavor--not like the "light" butter or 94% fat free stuff. Also, Chad thinks I'm crazy and gross, but if you add a little sprinkle of lemon pepper and garlic salt, it really makes this popcorn tasty!

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