Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Potty "success"

Potty "success".......well, how do you view "success?" Chalin got a potty for Christmas from his Papa and Mama Dolly. He was so excited to get this new "piece of furniture." Rather than leave it in its new home, a.k.a. our front bathroom, he decided he needed to try out his new potty in the living room...while watching television. For several days, Chalin and his new friend were nearly inseparable.

"My new potty and book!"
"Hmm, this is pretty comfy."
"Nothing wrong with enjoying a little television while taking care of business."
"Jammies, a spoon, a cup of milk, and my potty. What else do I need?"
"This is GREAT!"
"Yes, it is necessary for my diaper, pants, AND socks to come off while practicing."
"This is pretty fun!"
"Awww, reading a book to pass the time."

.......Now, some of you may be wondering, "Well, has he actually used his potty?" And the answer to that is, "Yes. By accident. But, yes! TWICE." So, if potty "success" means (1) loving the potty, (2) spending large amounts of time on the potty by personal CHOICE, (3) insisting that all articles of clothing below the waist must come off, even if there is no plan to actually use the potty, (4) using the potty TWICE, although it was by accident, and (5) requesting that we read the potty book at least once a day, well, then my friends, Chalin has achieved potty "infatuation success!"

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