Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Disney On Ice

This year, we were invited along with some friends to watch Disney on Ice. We didn't know how well Chalin would do sitting through an 1.5-2 hour show, but he did so good. He REALLY enjoyed the part when he got to see Woody and the gang from Toy Story--and "Doo-fy," of course, which he says is his "favorite."

On our way to the show.

Mickey & Minnie and the Gang

Chalin and Haddee sharing a seat & enjoying the show.

All the Disney characters

Chalin didn't get the memo that Mommy was taking another picture.

Sweet Emmee Kate with Chalin's Mickey Mouse ears.

"There's Buzz and Woody!"

"HI Buzz and Woody!"

Some Toy Story characters

Sweet Haddee


Chalin & Mommy after the show

We had a GREAT, I'll post some pictures of the State Fair, which we enjoyed after Disney on Ice.

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