Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catch up time, part 1: July 2012

Wow, it has been a loooooong time, people.  I am going to attempt to get everyone caught up with our lives since I last blogged back in J-U-N-E...as quickly as possible...mainly with pictures, because that's really what people enjoy right?  Here we go....

Chalin spent lots of time enjoying the sprinkler and his slip-n-slide.

Chad also enjoyed the slip-n-slide...and I'll admit I did, too, once I understood the concept of  "sliding" and not "jumping."

Chalin finished up his 3rd season of t-ball and took home the 1st Place Trophy!  We celebrated with the team at CiCi's Pizza.

The Cubs are the CHAMPS!

Hung out with our little turtle friend and spent hours on Chalin's playground.

I celebrated my 10 year reunion and caught up with some great friends!

I can't even begin to image how many hours we spent at the zoo this summer.  We love love LOVE zoo trips!

I ran my first ever Color Me Rad race with some great friends.  We had a blast and definitely plan on running it again!

Chalin loved drawing with chalk and became very detailed in his drawings...notice Chad's huge head and my enormous eyes?

Super hero play-dates at the Murray's!

More play dates with some superheroes.  Great buddies.

Quite the artist...sidewalk painting.

This quickly became a favorite activity.  I learned if you basically squirt the entire bottle of food coloring when mixing, you get some amazingly bright sidewalk paint!

Chalin and Chad had many "camping" trips right in our living room and loved every minute of it!

Yep.  I did it.  Judge if you must.  I love it.  I worked hard to find the perfect font.  I wrote it out on paper probably a 100 times to get it exactly how I wanted it, so it could be "my" writing.  It's one of my absolutely favorite verses.   Psalm 37:7.   It serves as a constant and permanent reminder to "Be still and wait patiently on the Lord..." no matter what each day may bring.  I really needed this after our adoption fell through in June and I don't for one second regret my decision.  It made it even better that I had some amazing friends to go with--thank you April, Anna, and Autumn!!!