Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas!

1. April for taking these family pictures for us.
2. Saradee for telling me about her friend who designs Christmas cards.
3. and to Cara Orr for creating our Christmas card this year.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Sorry for slacking.... the blogger department.

Let's see, since my "last" post--and not the "October" post that I just finished today and posted on December 17--we have been a little busy.

A few things that have kept me from blogging...
1. preparing a house to sell
2. moving
3. unpacking
4. garage sale
5. unpacking some more
6. knitting, but not near enough
7. trying to catch up on my new testament challenge
8. my sweet Chalin
9. cleaning the garage
10. unpacking some more
11. painting and decorating Chalin's room
12. decorating the rest of our house
13. JLN (co-chairing keeps me way more busy than I ever imagined.)

A few things that will most likely keep me from blogging in the near future...
1. knitting, lots
2. new testament challenge--I'm almost done!!
3. my sweet Chalin, of course
4. Christmas shopping
5. wrapping presents
6. Christmas festivities
7. reading
8. getting our home back in order after Christmas
9. running. ha, we'll see about that one.
10. SELLING SCENTSY! I just started in November, and I LOVE IT! Chalin loves to help me, too, which makes it that much more fun :)

*Sorry, I've been so SUPER busy. I hope to update you more this month....well, maybe after Christmas :)