Saturday, September 4, 2010

County Fair

This past Friday, Chalin headed down to Ada to visit family, while Chad and I enjoyed a date night at the movies, cheering at the first OU Football game of the season, AND packing (well, I wouldn't say we enjoyed packing, but it was something that needed to be done!). Mimi and Pops took him to the County Fair, and judging by the pictures, I would say this was a very FUN first experience! Chad and I can't wait to take him next time!

Here we go!

Playing games

Sliding with Pops

Merry-go-round with Mimi

Pink Pig Roller Coaster

Boat Ride

Riding the Ferris Wheel

Looking over the edge!

Liking the green truck

Taking a short break for some dinner.

Another fun ride

"Pops, I NEED to go this way!"

Cool motorcycle!

Yellow truck ride

"Look at all my prizes I won!"

How long after he woke up on Saturday morning do you think it took him to start saying he NEEDED to go back to the Fair? He's really into things he thinks he "needs" these days...and he thinks he "needs" everything!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Homemade Dinner a B-A-G!
Ok, I love to cook just as much as the next girl, but sometimes with a full of energy 2-year old, nice weather, cleaning, packing, etc., the time passes too quickly, and I'm left with about 15 minutes to prepare dinner. Do you ever have those've got approximately 30 minutes before your hubby will be home (or before your stomach eats your backbone), nothing is thawed out AND you have no clue what you are going to fix for dinner? Well, have I got a solution for you! I recently discovered Bertolli's and Stouffer's frozen dinners in a bag. Not only are they completely done and ready to eat in about 10 minutes, but they are actually pretty tasty, too, AND really not that expensive (Bertolli's might be $6 or under and Stouffer's is under $4. When time is against you or you just don't feel like cooking from scratch, try one of these selections. Here are two we have tried that we really enjoy:


With all the craziness that's been going on (and no people, I am NOT pregnant!), I did not make it around to getting our annual OU Football Schedules done. Don't fret--they will hopefully make an appearance in your mailbox next year! Until then, enjoy these pictures from last year:


Rival teams, but great buddies!
(Thank you, April, for taking these last year!)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Boy Underwear

To say I'm a little behind on blogging would be a major understatement.....and I will blog about reasons why soon...haha. First of all, how BIG is he looking these days?!

Second of all, I don't remember exactly when it happened when it comes to time/day/month, but I am VERY happy to say that our sweet little 2.5 year old boy is potty-trained! Luckily, some of my friends (Saradee and Deanna) had already went through the potty-training process with their little ones, so I got to use some of their tips. The one that worked the best was a sticker chart. Once Chalin filled up his sticker chart, Chad and I took him to Toys-R-Us and let him pick out a toy, which he was very excited about.

Here he is with his full sticker chart.

The Rescue Center he picked out, which actually looked pretty cool, and he did like it a lot.......
........but after spending 2 hours of trying to put it together and it continuing to fall apart, Mommy and Chalin made a trip back to Toys-R-Us to exchange toys.

Here is the 2nd toy he picked out: A car transporter. Come on, is anyone even surprised?

*Note to self--read product reviews before making purchases! The reviews for the Rescue Center were A-W-F-U-L, hilarious, and true. If anyone knows where to get a GOOD rescue center, please let me know :)