Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chalin is T-W-O!

Dear my sweet little Chalin,

It’s been several months since I have typed a letter to you. We just celebrated your 2nd birthday. I can’t believe I have already been blessed with you in my life for 2 whole years. My goodness, does the time fly. With the help of many special people, we were able to throw you an awesome 2nd b-day party! Of course, the theme was construction because you LOVE dump trucks, garbage trucks, tools, etc. I’ll tell you more about your party a little later.

My, my, my, are you a smart little boy! You know almost all your capital letters. You love to practice your letters by playing with your Magna-doodle and having Mommy and Daddy write letters on the bathtub with your bath crayons. You also love to play and eat off of your alphabet placemat.

You can count to 10 all by yourself! Whenever you finish, you like to say “Yay!” and clap, along with having all your listeners clap and cheer for you, too. You’re quite the little performer. You can tell us how old you are, although we’re still working on holding up 2 fingers.

You can recognize a few colors, such has orange, green, blue, red, pink, and purple. Sometimes you recognize yellow, but we haven’t worked much with black, white, or brown.

You love to sing “Jesus loves me” and the “ABC song.” Once you are finished, we all clap and cheer along with you, which you love.

You went from signing all the time, to signing and saying one or two words, to barely signing and saying 4-5 words at a time! You still like to use your signs for more, milk, and eat, but you say the words, too. It amazes me how much you say and understand at only 2 years old.

You still LOVE school buses, well, any buses for that matter, along with dump trucks, garbage trucks, mail trucks, concrete mixers, UPS trucks, 18 wheelers, fuel trucks, ETC. You also, much to Mommy’s enjoyment, still love, I mean, LOVE to read books. It makes my heart so happy to see you sit in your chair in the living room and dig through your basket of books, trying to find exactly what you’re in the mood to read, and you just flip through the pages, enjoying every moment. I can just see your little mind at work.

You are not only a smart little man, but you are also very funny! You love to “pass gas” and you get a kick out of Mommy saying “What was THAT?!” You laugh hysterically and continue to “pass gas” until your little body won’t allow anymore. I’m really quite amazed at how long this can go on…your Daddy is so proud. Although you attempt to say almost anything, even repeating some phrases you hear that I would rather you not repeat (nothing bad, no worries), you still insist on calling chicken, “bock, bock.” When I say, “Chalin would you like a hot dog or chicken for lunch?” you say, “Bock, bock.” It’s pretty funny and cute.

Chalin you are such an adorable, sweet, wonderful, funny, smart, precious little boy. I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us…and I hope you enjoy sleep more this year!

With all my love,


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Incredible Pizza

The Saturday before we drove to Dallas for Chad's surgery, our cousin Coyt invited us to his 6th birthday party at Incredible Pizza. Chalin had a blast! Here are some of the things Chalin enjoyed doing while at Incredible Pizza.

Playing skee ball with Daddy

Riding the Choo Choo Train

Riding go carts for the 1st time with Daddy and
almost giving Mommy a heart attack.

This probably made the list of favorite "daddy" moments so far.

Watching the balls shoot up and fall out

Winning tickets

Playing skee ball, again

Riding the train, again...

....and again, which totaled at least 20 times!

We had a great time, and as you can tell by the pictures, Chalin REALLY had a blast! I guess we know where Chalin will want to have his party in a few years...Thank you Mimi for taking these pictures on your phone, so that I could post them to the blog!